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  • Thomas Brannelid

Lecture a about…

Hello and welcome to today's lecture on cyber security.

Today we will discuss a new report from ENISA, the EU's cybersecurity agency, which focuses on increased ransomware attacks in the transport sector.

ENISA's report emphasizes that the transport sector is just as vulnerable to cyber attacks as other important sectors of society, but that the threat picture differs.

In this case, it concerns both economic extortion and attacks on the infrastructure, partly as a result of Russia's war of invasion in Ukraine. This is particularly worrying as the transport sector is a critical sector that is crucial to the economy.

The report highlights five reasons why ransomware attacks are likely to continue to target the transport sector. These include the ongoing digital transformation of the transport sector and the increased connection between the IT environment and the operational network of the transport sector, the increased willingness to pay ransoms to avoid negative business impacts, the constant evolution of threat actors and increased ability to combine ransomware attacks with attacks on critical infrastructure,

Russia's war of invasion in Ukraine that could lead to retaliatory attacks on infrastructure in the West, as well as the increased number of vulnerabilities discovered within operational networks.

To increase your ability to protect yourself against future cyber attacks, ENISA recommends reading their cross-sector report Threat Landscape 2022, where the need for recurrent awareness training is an important part.

-So, that's all for today. I hope you have learned something new about ransomware attacks in the transportation sector and how to protect against them.

Thanks for reading!

Ps: for all Swedish citizens.

Read abou the fire dep: and cyber security NIS2 "Brandmännen och EU-direktivet."

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