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QRadar EDR is designed to detect malicious payloads and behaviors regardless of encryption..

EDR stands for endpoint detection and response, which is a software that protects end users, devices and IT assets against cyberthreats1. IBM offers a product called IBM Security QRadar EDR, which uses AI and automation to detect and remediate threats in near real time234.

Are you looking for more information about IBM Security QRadar EDR?

The IBM® Security QRadar EDR Hive is a platform that uses active defense intelligence to detect and respond to threats in a simplified, automated process. It offers both endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint protection platform (EPP) capabilities, providing visibility into potential threats.

QRadar EDR utilizes a behavioral detection technique to discover potential security threats, including both known and unknown ones, as well as identifying instances of application abuse that could pose a risk. Detection of unknown threats is based on the behavior of the active application.

The events that are generated by each process in execution are monitored and an alert is triggered when anomalies occur.

When an alert is sent to the QRadar EDR Dashboard, the QRadar EDR Agent switches to deep monitoring mode.

QRadar EDR employs deep monitoring to gather additional events, including file and registry operations, with the aim of enhancing the alert. This extra information is only gathered when unusual activity is detected, which helps QRadar EDR to conserve storage and bandwidth.

QRadar EDR is designed to detect malicious payloads and behaviors regardless of encryption, without the use of signatures. This means that it does not require frequent updates and can operate offline, even in air-gapped environments, without the need for an internet or backend connection.

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